Here's some of the projects that our Mission team and partners have completed around the world.  We thank all who have encourage, pray and support us and the work that is needed that God commands us to go & do!

Replace the Roof on the Sleeping Quarters and SANCTUARY

My Little Lambs, Talube, HN 

In March 2015 our first team arrived in Honduras and with the helps of our Partners, the staff and kids of Little Lambs we stripped and replaced the roof over the children's bedrooms.  In September of 2015 we returned to finish the other side on the main building.  This time we used steel beams and had a whole new lesson and experience.  God provided huge and we were amazed at His power & might.


Painting the sanctuary, dining room, Kitchen, Bathrooms etc

my Little Lambs Talube, HN

In September 2015 and April 2016 we  painted many of the walls in the original building,  Also, we constructed this cross from the left over steel we were using on the new roof.  Lastly, we reached out to the community on both trips providing bibles, dental kits & a day of family fun where our team helped our neighbors make crafts, get cool on the tarp waterslide, learn about God & enjoy a matinee movie!


New Kitchen and Dining room

My Little Lambs, Talube, hn

Our April 2016 and January 2017 mission teams did work to construct a new kitchen and dining area inside the main building and fixed many plumbing issues to help with efficiency and cleanliness.   The new facilities brought the modern conveniences of the dual sink and faucet, an electric range, refrigerator and freezer together with their original paella and wood fired cooking surface.  This new space allowed for better ease and flow of preparation, serving and clean up at mealtime.  The residents of My Little Lambs no longer had to eat outside around the dust and flies that are prevalent in the early fall or the pounding rains of the wet winter season.